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Incident Management

When an incident or event occurs, it’s critical to be able to lead your team, gather and share information quickly, and record the critical decisions being made during each activation stage. But most standard project management systems don’t have the capabilities to manage large scale incidents.

What you need is a single software that can:

  • Capture all critical information updates, actions and intelligence for effective decision support.
  • Offer a complete, real-time operating picture that is current and detailed.
  • Coordinate and manage response strategies, commands and operation outcomes from a single point of truth using a scalable system that everyone has access to (while following the objectives and principles of AIIMS.)
  • Streamline and correlate real-time information to cater for numerous roles and requirements using visual formats (charts and metrics), interactive formats (maps and reporting) and communicative formats (broadcasts, email, SMS, bulletins, public information dashboards.)
  • Create custom workflows and predefined tasks, or even preload incidents, so that response time is reduced and response strategies can follow practiced, familiar procedures in the system.
  • Draw from existing and real-time data, with all actions and decisions being recorded in real time for evidence based reporting.

For this we recommend: Guardian IMS, our multi-agency, Incident Management software that helps you manage emergency operations and workflows, streamline reporting, and seamlessly share information from one single system.

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Information Sharing

The biggest problem often identified during an emergency response operation is inability to keep up with information demand, especially when different types of information need to be shared with those immediately impacted, the wider community, third party organizations, key stakeholders and emergency personnel.

This is where a single-point-of-truth is needed to:

  • Keep the general public updated from a single point of truth, with real-time information, that is organized and presented with simplicity.
  • Empower the local community to make better informed decisions.
  • Present a real-time, common operating picture of the incident/event so that key responders can make decisions based on the incident location, those being impacted, nearby contacts, and escalation status.
  • Reduce overall call times so that incidents can be resolved faster.
  • Maintain excellent communication between key stakeholders, third party emergency services and organizations, and the general public.

For this we recommend: Guardian Disaster Dashboards, which are a single point of truth for information sharing and help you to reduce call times and empower your local community with informed decision making.

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Severe Weather Forecasting

Flash flooding is one of the deadliest natural disasters in Australia and has life threatening consequences. Previously, no model or system existed which was capable of making reliable flash flood predictions and communicating this information in real time to impacted communities and decision makers.

Our unique weather forecasting system bridges the gap by:

  • Analyzing real world information to forecast potential extreme weather, up to 7 days in advance.
  • Delivering predictive insights and warnings for likely impacts to people, property, infrastructure and assets. 
  • Automatically alerting when flash flood conditions arise.
  • Providing flood mapping coverage and spatial awareness of incidents to coordinate logistics.
  • Empowering community decision-makers and broadcasting information directly to stakeholders and the impacted community.

For this we recommend: BRIDGE, our impact-based, flood forecasting system that helps you to predict extreme weather events, reduce costs to property and infrastructure damage, and save more lives.

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