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Hydrometeorology Services

Do you need help with a dashboard, software enhancement, or standalone project requiring meteorology and hydrology knowledge? 

Our in-house expert, Chris MacGeorge, has years of experience in Hydrometeorology and is ready to assist you.

GIS Services

Are you in need of a Geographic Information System to gather, manage, and analyze data?

Our GIS team are experts in the science of geography and is able to assist you in the organisation of information layers using mapping, and creating better spatial awareness. Get in touch to learn more.

Disaster Management Consultations

From incident excercise facilitation to training services, to security systems and project management services, our highly skilled Client Services Team is here to help your agency develop their skills and be well prepared for when incidents occur. Get in touch to let us know your needs.

Multimedia Production

Do you require the creation of public information videos to spread critical information and awareness for disasters, incidents and events?

Our in-house multimedia production expert, Pete Richards, can help. Get in touch to learn more.

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