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Over ten years ago, we were in your shoes...

Our co-founders Chris Madsen and Phill Glindemann came together in 2007 to establish QIT Plus after working for Queensland council for many years.

After experiencing the exact same frustrations that likely led you to this page (loose paper trails, scattered communication, disorganisation…) they both identified a need for better incident management systems.

So together, they used their unique backgrounds in information technology and government to create the award winning, incident management software now used widely across Australia: Guardian IMS.

Guardian IMS is designed by our expert team of developers, but the vision was led by two innovators with firsthand experience in incident management. As such, it’s designed to meet today’s competitive standards and uses the 3 principles of AIIMS to guide the effective management and operational response and recovery of incidents and events.

Since establishing the program, the company has gone on to create additional, state-of-the-art incident management solutions including Guardian Disaster Dashboards and Flood Intelligence Bridge. Guardian IMS is now used by more than 80 government and non-government organisations, and Guardian Disaster Dashboards are also used in Fiji and Canada to reduce call centre demands.

Since our humble beginnings more than 15 years ago, the QIT Plus team has grown to host three global offices. But we’ve never lost our customer-centric focus, and we still pride ourselves on innovation, client relationships and input, as well as specialist expertise to create solutions with our clients that lead the way in incident management.

What We Do

Guardian IMS was developed by our team of expert developers and highly experienced specialists who work together to combine mapping technologies and Hydrometeorology with intelligent and easy to use software programs.

Our client services team works closely with our clients to provide custom solutions—get in touch to learn more about how we could help with your unique needs.  

Since being established in 2007, we have won 12 State, National and International Awards for our innovative disaster management software, Guardian IMS.

To learn more about Guardian IMS, or any of the other integrated products we have developed, explore our solutions today.

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