Bridge the gap in the flash flood space…


Flood Intelligence Bridge

An impact-based flood forecasting and incident management system designed for multi-agency use and coordination.

(Brought to you by the team behind Australia’s leading incident management software, Guardian IMS, in partnership with JBP scientists and engineers.)

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Discover the latest, award winning software that is helping councils to manage extreme weather and flooding before it occurs (and during weather events…)

BRIDGE is a real-time system for flash flood detection.

It’s designed to empower community decision-makers with a consolidated view of historical, real-time and predictive weather information from a range of sources, so that they can be better prepared for extreme weather events, reduce costs to property and infrastructure damage and, most importantly, save lives.

BRIDGE complements existing systems and processes, increases interoperability and removes the need for separate software or specialist operators. The portal is a one-stop shop for all flood data and decision support intelligence. 

Helping decision makers make vital and timely decisions…

BRIDGE analyses real world information to forecast potential extreme weather and deliver predictive insights and warnings for likely impacts to people, property, infrastructure and assets.

The intuitive interface provides spatial awareness of incidents to coordinate logistics and is fully dynamic and adaptable to individual requirements.

The BRIDGE system provides:

  • Instantaneous display of flood data, including rainfall, water levels and live image captures from flood and CCTV cameras.
  • A continuous and autonomous window into the future up to a week.
  • Automatic alerting of flash flood conditions.
  • A common operating picture where data and information residing in other systems and platforms is bought together.
  • An intuitive, clear and easy to use interface designed for non-technical users.
  • IoT integration.
  • Redundancy in data feeds.
  • Lamda functions for integrating and interpreting big data sets.


  • Complete flood mapping coverage for every Council, using the Australian Flood Map
  • Live links to BoM rainfall and water level gauges, with instant return period analysis
  • Live links with soil moisture estimates
  • Predictive flash flood and river level forecasts for 7 days
  • Tide, storm surge and wave forecasts
  • >10 million building footprints
  • All road and rail networks

WINNER of the Queensland iAward division for Business & Industry - Solution of the Year.

Flood Intelligence Bridge was designed in partnership between Jeremy Benn Pacific (who specialise in environmental and natural disaster science and engineer consultancy) and QIT Plus (who specialise in disaster and incident management solution products.)

The BRIDGE system is hosted through our incident management product, Guardian IMS, and uses JBP’s Flood Early Warning System forecasting capabilities to generate real-time flash flood predictions and maps, and broadcast information directly to decision makers, stakeholders and the impacted community.

We are proud to have worked alongside talented incident managers, hydrologists and flood engineers to bring this product to life.

We also extend our gratitude to our early adopters within Byron Council and Gold Coast Council, who reported that the BRIDGE system exceeded all expectations and helped in making vital and timely decisions during the February 2022 heavy rainfall event which impacted Southeast Queensland and Northern NSW.


Yes. BRIDGE is a fully integrated module within the world-class incident management system Guardian IMS.

Here’s a closer look at how the BRIDGE system works:

  • Secure data from reputable sources (such as Bureau of Meteorology + Australian Digital Forecast Database) is sourced to Guardian IMS.

  • Guardian IMS then extracts, transforms and loads spatial and non-spatial data, and sends it to JBP.

  • JBP then utilizes their Flood Early Warning System forecasting platform to analyze the environmental measurements and other extreme weather forecasts, which reveals rasters of flood inundation and forecast depths and rainfall.  
  • This data automatically syncs to BRIDGE via Guardian IMS in real time, so that the flood extents and affected properties are known and presented as maps and graphical displays. 

  • Communication can be directly broadcast from BRIDGE via Guardian IMS to relevant sources (including the public and decision makers)

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Why choose Flood Intelligence Bridge?

Flash flooding is one of the deadliest natural disasters in Australia and has life threatening consequences. And prior to now, no model or system existed which was capable of making RELIABLE flash flood predictions and communicating this information in real time to impacted communities and decision makers.

BRIDGE is the first of its kind and has been designed to literally bridge the gap in the flash flood space by meeting the following requirements:


The BRIDGE system collates multiple sources of current and predictive information into one place, with real-time and continuously updated maps of flood inundation providing up to 7-days of forecast data, with accuracy.


BRIDGE can rapidly and seamlessly alert, warn and publish critical, life saving information to any public-facing Emergency Management dashboard, keeping the community safe and reducing call times.


Can be deployed at a local level or regionally across multiple locations.


Utilizes rapid updating capabilities to provide foresights and predictions for potential flood inundation, road closures and property impacts.


Operates continuously, automatically and seamlessly within your disaster management system on a cloud environment.


It is accessible via a web-based portal and all smart devices, and has been designed to be intuitive, clear and easy to use for non-technical users.


Can also be used for flood, rainfall, cyclone, storm surge, tsunami and climate change hazards.

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