Each of our products have been combined in our all-inclusive Guardian Suite.

But they are available as individual products too:

Guardian Disaster Dashboards

You have enough to focus on when incidents occur without manually broadcasting public warnings and updates.

Guardian Disaster Dashboards allows you to create a localised page where information updates and advice can be shared to the public. 

Our compliant solution is helping local councils to reduce call times and broadcast a wide range of live information updates through a single point of truth.  

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Guardian Roads

Manage your workflow all in one place.

Guardian Roads allows Local Governments to manage road closures, scheduled work and events:  

  • Manage local road closures 365 days a year and push updates through to the official Department Of Transport and Main Roads—even without an internet connection. 
  • Send updates to the Guardian IMS interface for coordination centre usage.  



Our signature, communication software you won’t find anywhere else. 

Collaborating and sharing information has never been easier. With YOUNiteLive, agencies can: 

  • Produce signed PDF reports by combining information from a range of sources and platforms, including emails, websites, web cameras, maps, social media and more. 
  • Schedule automatic updates and capture live information to produce distribution ready, point-in-time reports. 
  • Pre-qualified access—enabling you to get started immediately without registration or installations.  


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